Open Board Positions for 2016-17


Interested?  Contact Allyson Jannotta, South PTA President at


Coordinate meals and refreshments for the teachers and staff.

*** We can either find a chair or co-chair for the entire committee or find at least one chair per event. (ex. One person in charge of Back to School Breakfast, Another in charge of Teacher planning days etc.)

Events include:

  • Back to School Teacher Breakfast
  • Teacher Planning Days (dates TBD)
  • Fall Conferences (Lunch/Dinner)
  • Spring Conferences (Lunch/dinner)
  • Teacher Appreciation Week

Coordinating includes setting up a Sign-up Genius for food donations, coordinating with restaurants for catering and/or buying food/drinks for meals. PTA will reimburse all expenses.


The main thing we need for this is to coordinate lunch for the teachers (this also falls under Hospitality). It is usually the 1st or 2nd week in May. Through Signup Genius, you can also coordinate sweets and treats for the teachers that week.


We need someone to assist the current chair and learn how to put together the Directory and Directory App. This is a position that is done at the beginning of the year and is great for someone who likes to work on the computer. We are looking for a 6th or 7th grade parent who can train to take over the position the following year.


We need a representative from each feeder school to be on the Nominating Committee. Help find Board members for the following year. This involves advertising open Executive Board position (Vice President, Treasurer), a meeting to discuss candidates and phone calls to ask. This takes place January/February.

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